tagErotic PoetryMy Favorite Thing To Do

My Favorite Thing To Do


My Favorite Thing to Do

How very much I love to fuck
To see a hard cock
Standing up proudly in the air
Knowing soon it will part my hair.

I feel it enter me an inch at a time
Teasing, taunting, eager to please
"My god, please hurry." I beg
"In time, Baby, you'll surely have my third leg"

In, your long thick cock goes
Such control you have
Halfway there you pull out
"No! No!" I shout.

You look at me and grin
Knowing full well how hot I am
"Baby, I think you want what I have here."
"Beg me a little, beg for it, Dear."

"God I can't stand this anymore
Please give it to me now!
I have to feel you fill me
I have to feel it all!"

"Are you sure, my Sweet
That you want this big hard cock?
"Are you sure you want it now?
Are you sure you want it all?"

"I could wait until
The clock goes around.
Wait for another day and
Leave you tied up this way"

"No! No!" I say
"We came here to play
You can't leave me here this way
Not when I'm so hot and wet"

"You can't leave yet
You have to fuck me now
I'm going out of my mind
Please fuck me with your cock
And never mind the clock"

"Ok, Baby, if you're
Sure you want it now
I'll give you all I've got
But once I start, I won't stop"

"I'm going to put this pillow
Under your rump
So you'll get all of me
As I pump your cunt"

"Oh what a pretty pussy I see
I think I'll lick and suck your
Little clitty just to get you
Hotter and hotter for me"

"You're so helpless lying there
I can do what and when I please
What do you say, my Dear?
Shall I lick and suck and tease?"

"Oh, yes, and then there's your breasts
What shall I do with them?
Your pink nipples standing up so high
Are so inviting to this horny guy"

"Do you want me to lick and
Suck and nibble?
Or knead and squeeze
And all over them dribble?"

"I see pussy juice running down your thigh
You like all these things I'm going to do
You have a lovely pussy and
I'm certainly enjoying the view"

"Damn you! Damn you!
Fuck me please!
Can't you see
How great my need?"

"I want you and now
I don't care how
Give it to me anyway you want
But give it to me NOW!"

"Tsk Tsk, my Dear
I don't think you're ready yet
You haven't begged enough
Tell me what you want in your muff"

"I want your tongue, I want your mouth
I want your fingertips and kiss
I need to feel your hand
Made into a fist"

"You want my whole hand in you now?
You want to be stretched beyond belief?
You want me to fuck you with my fist?
In and out, something like this?"

"OMG, yes that's it. Fuck me! Fuck me!
It feels as good as I thought it would
I never imagined this could be so much fun
Don't stop! Don't stop! I'm going to cum!"

"NO! NO! Don't take it out!"
You can't stop now I like it too much
Can't you see my pussy juice run?
I was just about to cum!"

"Oh, yes, my Dear,
I see it glisten
But it's my turn now
Stop crying and listen"

"See this cock so long and thick?
It's time for it to take a dip
I'm going to fuck you now long and hard
You're going to take all my dick."

"Oh, yes, give it all to me please!
Make me shudder and make me scream
I need all of you inside as my inner muscles squeeze
I want to feel you cum, I want to feel your cream"

"Oh, Baby, your pussy is so tight.
It clamps down on me just right
I'm going to fuck and fuck you
I'm going to fuck you through the night"

"Your cock's so big, it fills me up
Please untie my legs
I want to wrap them around your ass
Why do you make me beg?"

"Because, my Sweet, you're mine this way
I can do with you what I please
Right now it pleases me to see and hear you beg,
Such power I have here between your legs"

"I love how my cock glides in and out
I love watching your pussy lips take me in
I love seeing your tits jiggle
As my cock pumps into your middle"

"Your mouth is open, your head thrown back
You face an expression of ecstasy
There is no other place right now
That I would rather be"

"Fucking your pussy is what I want
Seeing you helpless lying there
I'm taking you here; I'm taking you now
The rest of the world can go to hell for all I care"

"I'm fucking you and fucking you hard
Watching you strain at your bonds,
Watching your body tremble,
The Venus of Love you resemble"

"Your inner muscles are grabbing my cock
Your hips are bucking in time with mine
Your tits are jiggling, how pretty they look
Do you like this, Darling, being took?"

"Yes! Yes! Take me! Take me!
Harder, harder, my Love!
You are so very masterful
Hovering there above"

"God your cock's so big
Your balls feel so nice
Slapping against my bum
OH! OH! I'm going to cum!"

"That's it, my Dear,
Cum for your man,
Cum so hard you
Won't be able to stand"

"I'm letting loose your bonds now
Turn over on your hands and knees
I'm going to fuck you doggie
Until you beg, STOP! STOP! PLEASE!"

"You'll not soon
Forget this night
The night I fucked you
With all my might"

"Oh, feel how deep!
How deep it is, my Sweet!
This night in my memory
I forever will keep."

Harder and faster I pump
I'm going to cum, I can feel it build
It rises from my balls and erupts deep inside
"OMG this has been a hell of a ride!"

"Now come here, my Love
And cuddle in my arms
While I sing a song of
Your many charms"

"Your breasts so big
Your pussy so tight
Your ass so round and high
I might fuck you again this night
Where did I put those ties?"

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