tagErotic PoetryMy Love Affair ...with Chocolate

My Love Affair ...with Chocolate


The sight of you entices my mind to envision a late night rendezvous
Forbidden kisses
Touches that leave tingling skin in their wake
So dark and smooth

The smell of you
So warm
So inviting
Your essence leaving no doubt of your arousing sweetness

The feel of you
Silky, sleek, refined
My fingers itch to touch
Just once
Once more
Sensations travel through the tips of my digits, setting my blood afire
My heat races in anticipation

My tongue flickers across my lips as my eye lids lower in sensual adoration
The suspense, a physical pain
Now, please, now

And finally,
The taste of you makes my soul sing
My pulse tattoos wildly
My labored breathing loud in the quiet room
My taste buds rejoice as your warm essence drips down my throat
My tongue greedy to capture every last molecule
My toes curl as ripples of pleasure-pain move up my thighs, higher and higher
A chill slithers down my back as my head explodes with ecstasy
Heat, molten and liquid, small threads of decadence, pulls my body rigid, erect with joy
And I reach the peak
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

As I slowly drift down to earth from culmination
A satisfied smile hangs smugly on my face as my breathing returns to normal and my limbs drape lifelessly
My clenched fist relaxes
The sound of the empty wrapper teases my ears
Fatigue assaults my tired frame
Although, a repeat performance of my guilty pleasure stimulates my sleepy brain

“You coming to bed?”
I guiltily tuck the evidence of my betrayal behind my back as I jump to my feet
I turn and answer, a sham of smile in place
“In a minute, honey.”

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by Anonymous

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by Apple_of_Eden09/22/17

I confess...

I feel the same way. I love my chocolate!
Nicely done. I would have suggested leaving the title at ..."My Love Affair" and let the rest be a surprise. Now, I need to find my stash and experience your poetrymore...

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