tagErotic PoetryMy Love, My Lust

My Love, My Lust


I stand before you ever so sweet
Nipples trying through to peek
Your hands running over my hips and thighs
While you listen to my quiet sighs

You explore me with your fingers
Every touch from you lingers
I'm desperate to reach out for you
But I'm bound, unable to move

You watch my face as your fingers play
I look as though I've something to say
With a simple touch you silence my lips
While you gaze upon my perky nips

I need you more than I care to admit
So to your will I daily submit
I long to caress your face
To fall helpless into your warm embrace

You stand before me as I kneel
Then you reach out to cop a feel
You take my nipples in your hands
And snap then back like rubber bands

I am such a pain whore
I whimper out for more and more
The pain and the pleasure
In equal measure

On the floor in front of you I kneel
Away from me my gown you peel
Your fly so easily unzips
You place your cock upon my lips

I place a kiss upon the tip
Then into my mouth you quickly slip
Bobbing my mouth upon your cock
A few strokes and you are hard as rock

You pinch and pull my rock hard nips
As I grip your cock with my hungry lips
You pull me hard both to and fro
I suck your cock like a slutty ho

In my throat I swallow deep
Waiting until your cum I reap
Your balls rest upon my chin
I feel you tighten deep within

You fuck me harder. Deeper you thrust.
Deep inside me you feel my lust
Your cock is throbbing and ready to cum
My throat and your cock will be as one

Into your eyes deeply I gaze
You look lost in a lusty haze
Your head thrown back thrashing left and right
Your hand gripping my hair as you hold me tight

You hold my mouth upon your cock
Tears fill my eyes as our gaze locks
I suck you until you're completely spent
Now over the sofa arm I'm bent

You push me forward and spread me wide
And in one thrust into my wet pussy you slide
I moan out as you stretch me
This is better than I dreamed it would be

You pull out and slam back in
Consumed by our carnal sin
Fitting your cock like a glove
In and out you push and shove

My tits sway as you fuck me fast
You take them in your strong hands at last
You trace my nipples with your thumb
Then you pinch them and I beg to cum

Harder. Deeper. Faster. You pound into my pretty pussy
I love the way you feel inside of me
You spank my ass in your possessive way
As you continue to pound away

I cry out with every smack of your hand
Loving the way you take command
My breathing is heavy with lust
I'm delirious with desire with each thrust

You whisper in my ear
Just loud enough for me to hear
"Cum with me my little slut"
You pull out and thrust into my butt

You feel my ass contract around your cock
You groan in blissful shock
You flood my ass with your seed
Giving me everything I want and need

We fall in each other's arms completely spent
I love what we represent
My head is on your chest as sleeps consumes us
Wrapped in the arms of my love, my lust

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