My Master


He unleashed me upon the world,
To dance to the music of our song
 Awoke me,
Stirred my soul with your power and control
Emptied me and filled me with his essence

 He built me from nothing
Molded me into the woman I am
Shaped me into the woman he needed

He, to who I am so addicted
Of who I can never have my fill
I keep craving, the desire never sated

I am his
For as long as he dares to keep me by his side
My soul, entwined so beautifully with his
That the mere thought
Of separation is painful

He looked beyond my scars
Saw past my imperfection
Deep inside the darkest recesses of my mind
And loved me

He consumes me
My mind, my body, my spirit
He is the fire that rages uncontrollably through my heart
He is my poetry  

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