tagErotic Poetrymy master is home

my master is home


i was in my cage
while master was gone
but master released me
when he got home
he greeted me
with a smile and a kiss
then i held his cock
while he took a piss
he put my leash on me
then took me outdoors
it was time for me to perform
and be his public whore
we did this every day
for the whole neighborhood
and i only got to cum
if i behaved good
master really liked it
when i licked other women
but only after
his blow job had been given
so i was on my knees
sucking his dick for the crowd
my job as his sub
is to make master proud
now he wanted
to see me with a chick
after eating some pussy
i could suck some more dick
master pulled on the leash
and took me around
i was sniffing out cunt
like a hungry greyhound
we finally came across
this one hot chick
she dropped her undies
and i sucked her clit
i ate her 'til she came
master was pleased
he yanked the leash
raising me from my knees
then from the crowd
he chose two guys
usually it's just one
so i was surprised
i dropped back to my knees
unzipped each of their pants
to really please master
this was my chance
my mouth was full of dick
and i was stroking master's cock
i belong to him
but he shares me with the block
all three men squirt
shooting cum from their shafts
and just like any other day
i got my daily cum bath

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