My Miracle


My world full, of uncertainty.
What could I give?
What did I have?

All I had was my heart.

Each day passed.
Erasing doubt,
beyond reason,
Forgotten, doubt unwanted.

A new path I would lead,
Scared, where it would go.

Time grew closer,
leaving no uncertainty.
The fear that I held,
already subsided.

No turning back,
No regrets,
to find what I required.
My destiny charted.

Many had no faith.
I determined success,
you, the greatest gift.

Morning came with promise and dread.
You were born at dawn,
pre-mature, miracle of spirit.

My strength knew no bounds.
I relinquished my fears.
Gave up the unknowing,
with hindsight for each new day.

You are Strong as the sea.
Brown eyes shinning up at me.
Pain erased, adventure’s to be seen.

4 years of delight

Turning over my hands,
I hold them up to the sky.
And thank God for each new day,
which has passed us by.

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