tagErotic PoetryMy Mistress Colette

My Mistress Colette

bySissy Adele Howells©

Colette Meek sexy at sixty
looking so pretty
with her short blonde hair
her innocent face looking at me
as she chats to her husband
bored out of her panties
Colette wants me inside her
ashamed of her thoughts
of kinky sex with another man
Les Meek trusts his wife
you are so gullable loser Les
white blouse, long black skirt
over your kinky black booties
making my erection more uncomfortable
Colette blows her cute nose
in her crumpled, white, paper hanky
I want that hanky in my mouth
to taste Colette Meek's juices
the waitress asks me what I want
Colette Meek paper, hanky sandwich please
I can't stand this anymore
sitting myself on Colette's lap
ripping her blouse open
removing her bra
fondling her breasts
sucking her nipples
drinking her milk
Les Meek protests
as my hand slips up his wife's dress
ripping her tights off
fondling her blue panties
licking her black booties
Colette Meek is delighted
her panties in my hand
rubbing them in my face
licking her soiled gusset
kissing Colette hard on the lips
her sticky lipstick, tasting delicious
she brings out her hanky
blows her nose hard
putting it on my plate
eating this tasty delicacy
screwing Les Meek,s wife on the floor
Colette Meek screams for more
soon my semen flows into her crack
Colette Meek will you marry me
I love you Colette
better than Les
then I wake up
just another kinky dream.

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