tagErotic PoetryMy Mother's World!

My Mother's World!

byUncle Pervey©

My Mother's World is so special to me,
Ever since I became a young man.
I remember the night she let me in,
To explore and become her own "Pan!"

I never had to play the flute for her,
But she enjoyed playing on MY flute.
She would curl her tongue and lick up and down,
And take all of me, down to the root!

She'd go down all the way and pull up slow,
And her sucking would make me explode!
She'd squeeze on my balls while sucking me dry,
And suck and drain and swallow my load!

This would be the start of our night's pleasure,
And my Mama loved a blow-job too.
I'd move between her thighs and start licking,
And slurp and swallow her Honey-Dew!

By this time my hard cock would be jumping,
And wanting to be buried inside.
My Mama's pussy would be slick, and wet,
So I'd push inside her all my pride!

When I'd start humping I'd feel Mama's legs,
Wrap around my waist and give a squeeze.
Her pussy grew hot as I pumped away,
And its fire made me weak to my knees!

She'd keep getting hotter til I'd explode,
I'd feel my cock deep inside jumping.
Her pussy's muscles would grasp me and squeeze,
And milk all my cum I was pumping!

We'd lay side by side and I'd suck her breasts,
And she'd fondle my balls and my cock.
Her nipples got harder than cherry pits,
And she'd soon have me hard as a rock!

This was the part of our sex I loved most,
When Mama turned over in the bed.
Her naked ass was a glorious sight,
Waiting patiently there to be bred!

Her ivory cheeks were warm and silky,
And I'd have to lick and start sucking.
Her sweet tasting skin would fire my desire,
And entice me to begin fucking!

I'd move to her crack and start licking down,
And not stop til I reached her flower.
I'd engulf her sweet waiting asshole tight,
I'd lick and tongue-fuck and devour!

Our position was sort of sixty-nine,
With my legs laying up by her head.
I loved to feel her back rub my belly,
With her cheeks round my face while I fed!

I'd keep tonguing her asshole til she came,
Then I'd move down and slurp out her juice.
By this time my hard cock would be twitching,
And Mama's asshole ready, and loose!

I'd switch around and spread her cheeks open,
And press my raging cock to her hole.
I'd push and feel it pause and slide inside,
And shove it all the way to my goal!

I'd fuck Mama's hot tight asshole slowly,
Cause I'd want it to last forever.
I loved to feel my cock slide in its heat,
There was no greater pleasure, NEVER!

Mama'd figure out when I'd start cumming,
And she'd squeeze her asshole's muscles tight.
I'd push my cock in deep, and start spraying,
And both of us would moan with delight!

I never pulled my cock out the first time,
But just lay there and keep it inside.
And pretty soon my cock would recover,
And this time I'd take a longer ride!

I'd start out fucking Mama's ass faster,
And we'd both build a fire to ignite.
We'd both moan when my hot cum filled her ass,
And I shared Mother's world, every night!!

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