tagNon-Erotic PoetryMy Name's Not Katie

My Name's Not Katie


This was written based on a guy who kept calling me the wrong name


For the last time
Let's get this straight
Don't know how or why you think you know
But you have no idea at all
Who I really am
Still a mystery to you
Just one thing I will tell you
About me this much is true
I'm sick of you and all your screwing around
Telling you this for the last and final time
get it right
My name's not and never has been Katie

So damm sure of yourself
Think you've got it all figured out
Got me right where you want me
Ha! You wish!
You're not even close
Don't even have the mind to know that
All this time
I'm been leading you on
Tricking you
Trapping you
Making you believe you know when you really don't
Not at all
Oh and by the way there's one more thing I gotta say
My name's not and never has been Katie

Your mind's made up
No need for me to try and change it
You would't believe the truth anyway
All you care about is what your own warped mind has to say
Playing a sick and twisted game
You would love to see me
Locked away in a jail cell
Going so far as to make up false rumors and lies
Too bad nobody believe's you
They never will
Cos I'm innocent
You'll the one who's guilty
Guilty of being a dumbass and oh so much more
Rolling my eyes at your childish ways
Laughing cos you can't even get this one thing right
my name isn't and never has been Katie

Wanna act tough
Behind a computer screen
You're everything that you ever wanted to be
How sad
That in real life
In the real world
You'll never quiet measure up to your dreams
Screaming that it's all somebodyelse's fault
You refuse to accept the blame for your own pitful exsistance
Making things up in your head
Like your most recent delusion
That I'm someone I'm not
Honey, if you don't understand by now
At the end of this poem
What my name really is
Then maybe I should spell it out for you
Are you ready?
Cos I'm only gonna do this once
Here we go....

My name is.....




Got it?
Lesson learned
Now shut the up or I'll do it for you


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