tagErotic PoetryMy Niece Bethany!

My Niece Bethany!

byUncle Pervey©

I've got a precious niece named Bethany,
And she's a wonderful, glorious sight!
Her body's like the Goddess Diana's,
Her sexuality, is pure delight!

My niece Beth has a body made for love,
With a smile that d'Vinci would adore.
Her ruby red lips are made for all things,
And her beautiful face makes my heart soar!

My pretty Beth has succulent sweet breasts,
They ride up high with nipples like flowers.
They're both masterpieces of perfection,
And I love to suck on each breast for hours!

My pretty Beth has a lovely stomach,
With a belly-button made for licking.
It tastes like sugar when my tongue slides in,
And we both moan when my tongue starts flicking!

When I move my face down between her legs,
Beth starts groaning, and spreads her legs apart.
Her pussy spreads open, like a flower,
And Beth's sweet pussy nearly stops my heart!

It spreads open like sweet Roses petals,
When they're touched by the Sun's first morning rays.
The wet sheen that makes her sweet pussy glow,
Can NEVER be described with ENOUGH praise!

There's such pleasure when I lower my head,
Amd start licking, and lapping out her bush.
The only thing that I really love more,
Is the "magic" time I spend on her tush!

My niece Beth has a sweet delicious clit,
And I love sucking on it til it's red.
When my tongue rolls it's swollen meat around,
I lick and suck it's sweetness til I'm fed!

Beth's pussy is a succulent delight,
And the love juice it gives me fills my soul!
I lap and swallow all her juice I find,
I make her cum and drink right from her hole!

When I've satisfied Beth, and ate her cum,
She relaxes, and I turn her over.
She has the most gorgeous ass ever seen,
And my mouth explores it like a "Rover!"

I lick and suck every inch of each cheek,
Til her bottom's covered with "Hicky" marks.
Then I start licking in her luscious crack,
And taste those hidden places in the dark!

When my lips move down to Beth's sweet asshole,
I fasten my mouth around her spincter.
I lick and suck, and shove my tongue inside,
My tongue loves her hole til it grows pinker!

By this time Beth's moving her hips around,
She's moaning and she's groaning, "That feels good!"
Her opening gets puffy, and inflamed,
And every time I gave her all I could!

My swollen cock would jump, and start jerking,
And tingling with, anticipation!
I'd put it's head against Beth's opening,
And push til it reached it's destination!

Talk about something that feels like "Heaven,"
The flame of Beth's hole sets me right on fire!
When her spincter squeezes around my base,
My inflamed brain sparkles with pure desire!

As I start in fucking Beth's tight asshole,
I hear Beth's gasping breath, and her moaning.
When my hard cock starts plunging, in and out,
My sweet Beth breathes faster, with her groaning!

My cock feels like it's sliding in pure fire,
And feels like it's just about to explode.
Then I feel it start jumping, and spurting,
And I fill Beth's tight asshole with my load!

I've got myself shoved in her, all the way,
As my hot creamy cum, squirts deep inside!
I hear Beth grunting, gasping and sighing,
As her sweet asshole milks me, while I ride!

When I'm done, I collapse on my niece Beth,
Her silky smooth skin feels so warm, and wet.
The length of Beth's warm back, gives such pleasure,
If I could, I'd still be on her back, yet!!

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