tagErotic PoetryMy one true love

My one true love


It’s been a trying day.
Whimsical fears of misery,
Have come boisterously to fruition
And I have only myself to thank
For it was my steps and my steps alone
Which have led me back to the darkness

I went freely.
Plummeting deeper into the night,
Disguising myself in its soothing cloak
And I have only myself to blame
For falling so far from grace
With arms wide open I embrace my disease

I embrace my despair,
For there is no one to do it for me.
Loneliness is my companion
Though if my cries can be accounted for,
Then I may never be alone

Desolate and longing
For something I once knew,
The only thing that ever made me whole.
I reach for the razor
And hold it to my flesh

With eyes wide open,
I see my wretched nature
I see the scars from her
Unconditional love
And I know beyond any doubts,
That she will always be there
Ready and willing to comfort me
In these times of need

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