tagNon-Erotic PoetryMy Perfect Wife (For helen)

My Perfect Wife (For helen)


I watched you this morning
Watched you break your fast
And I found my self wondering
How long this can last
I love you so very much
A flame burning white
Come here and lie beside me
And be my perfect wife

I know it isn’t easy
Living here with me
My madness spreads a shadow
Like a blackened tree
I know that it scares you
To stay with me at night
But I would die before I hurt you
You are my perfect wife

My heart is set to racing
With the scent of your skin
If loving you is wrong
Then I’ll live in sin
But when we make love darling
I know then that it’s right
It really is that simple
You are my perfect wife

I offer you this ring
A simple band of gold
To say I’m yours forever
To have and to hold
So I kneel before your beauty
In the morning light
And beg you to accept
And be my perfect wife

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