My Plan!

byUncle Pervey©

My plan was to get her real drunk,
And I slipped her mixed drinks all night.
Around 10 o'clock she had to pee,
And she made a beautiful sight!

I watched her pull her panties down,
And knelt when she sat on the seat.
I laid my face down between her legs,
And inhaled her womanly meat!

She's my daughter, but I don't care,
I'm licking her legs while she pees.
I've got each hand on a naked cheek,
I'll lick her dewdrops when she's free!

She finished, and I helped her up,
My face is pressed into her hair.
I hold her tight and lap up her pee,
And suck her pussy dry, down there!

I help her take off her panties,
Then stand up, and help her to bed.
It's all I can do, to undress you,
And lay her down on her bedspread.

By this time she's passed out asleep,
And I'm taking off all my clothes.
I climbed on the bed with my Darling,
And fingered her pussy and rose!

While she's on her back I begin,
By sucking her pink nipples good.
I suck them hard til they're sticking out,
I suck them til they're hard as wood!

I licked down slow to her belly,
Licking, and sucking everywhere.
I tongue out her sweet belly button,
Then work down and nuzzle her hair.

While I'm doing this she's just sleeping,
And I don't mind or even care.
I spread her legs and get between them,
And with my hands I spread her hair.

I take time to stare at her there,
My eyes feast on her clit and hole.
I begin lapping her love juice out,
And do it, with my heart and soul!

Her pussy tastes like sweet "Nectar,"
And sucking her clit, is a dream!
I suck it til it's swollen and red,
It tastes so good I want to scream!

Her pussy hole's slick and so wet,
And tastes so good I want to weep!
I move til my cock's against her hole,
Then I push it in slow, and deep!

I'm fucking her tight hot pussy,
I'm fucking it fast and real slow.
We're belly to belly, and swetting,
And I'm feeling a tingle grow!

I feel my cock start to spurting,
And I shove it in all the way.
I'm filling her pussy with my cum,
It's squirting my cum out in sprays!

I feel like my cock's in "Heaven,"
Her pussy's so warm and so wet.
I move it some more, for the pleasure,
Then pull out cause I'm not done yet!

I want to taste her hot asshole,
And lick and suck on her sweet cheeks.
So I rolled her onto her belly,
And spread her cheeks to take a peek!

I saw her glorious asshole,
It was so wonderful to see.
It lit my desire with burning fire,
And looked so delicious to me.

I licked and sucked on each sweet cheek,
And left hickies along her crack.
I spread her cheeks and started eating,
Her scrumptious asshole for a snack!

I tongue-fucked and sucked it real hard,
Until it was swollen, and red.
Then I pressed my cock to it's center,
And shoved it all in with the head!

When I had it in, all the way,
It felt like a furnace to me.
It felt so hot, and squeezed me so tight,
I almost lost my sanity!

Her asshole gave me such pleasure,
I fucked her asshole, deep and fast.
I wanted my cock there forever,
But I knew it just couldn't last.

I felt my cock start spurting cum,
In thick gobs of creamy hot cum,
I felt her asshole sucking me dry,
I fucked her ass til I felt numb!

I had more sex with my daughter,
I had sex again every way.
I ate and fucked her all of that night,
And I'd love her like this, today!!

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