tagErotic Poetrymy purpose is to please

my purpose is to please


a college girl, a nurse, or a nun
we can do all three
we don't have to choose just one
i get off
making your fantasies come true
i'm such a naughty girl
there's nothing i won't do
you can tie me down
and chain me up
and make me drink
your cum from a cup
you can slapy my face
and call me names
i'm into all sorts of kinky games
i like being watched
i love being taped
i'm so into anal
that my asshole is gaped
your wish is my command
i'm at your beck and call
guys and girls
i do them all
if you need to piss
urinate on me
let's see how nasty
we can be
make me use filthy words
and talk dirty to you
film the whole thing
as i'm gangbanged by your crew
have me wear slutty clothes
as i give a lap dance
everybody knows i'm easy
and they can all get a chance
i'll do anything
that you want me to
my top priorityk
is pleasing you
i'll toss your salad
and swallow your cum
and let you play
in my hungry rectum
i'll parade around
in nothing but shoes
i'm strictly here
for you to use
you could be on the toilet
i'd still suck your dick
you know me
i'm one nasty trick
we can fuck in the bed,
the street, or the shower
i'm just a docile cunt
you have all the power
i'll satisfy all your needs
whatever they may be
there are other bitches out there
but none compare to me

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