tagErotic PoetryMY SENIOR PROM




My High School prom
the coming of age
long, frilly dresses
all the rage.

Mother so excited
her mind a mess
wanting to help me
pick out my dress.

How to approach her
no dress for me
a splash I'll make
for all to see.

A thin leather top
naughty and tight
nipples protruding
so pleasing a sight.

A midriff quite naked
skirt cinched up tight
the blackness of leather
so vulgar a sight.

Black leather boots
the appeal they belie
when fitted so snugly
right up to the thigh.

My entrance quite grand
I appeared there alone
amused by the boys
their "unison moan."

Waiting with patience
a slow song to play
adjusting my outfit
making my way.

As I approached her
the nearer I came
the look of embarrassment
when calling her name.

"Sarah how I want you"
abrupt and quite blunt
grabbing the arm
of the arrogant cunt.

Pulling away
my grip to tight
she too fragile
to put up a fight.

Glancing all around
where was her date
collapsing against me
accepting her fate.

All eyes up on us
I spoke in her ear
"you and I are leather and lace
how sexy we appear."

Her breast up against me
classmates taking aback
two girls dancing tit to tit
prom was out of whack.

Again I breathed in her ear
"I own you little slut
when I make my move to leave
you shake your sexy butt."

In the car, to the spot
where lovers go to park
moving to the seat in back
more room to make my mark.

Not feeling very tender
ripping her frilly frock
swollen tits came tumbling out
I prayed I had a cock.

After sucking her nipples raw
abandoning her bleeding breast
knowing she the "queen of teen"
I had to see the rest.

Forcing her body backward
her lovely limbs splayed wide
begging me to finish her
ecstasy for her pride.

Swooning from the scent of her
I licked her till she came
tears welled up in her eyes
when the pleasure waned.

"How can I ever face my friends
you put me on display
how did I ever succumb to you
your deviant, controlling way?"

"You'll come to love your shame
time I'm thru with you
before this night is over
you'll love my pussy too."

Crudely crawling atop of her
straddling her lovely head
ordering her to eat my cunt
the mouth that needed fed.

Wasn't long before I heard
that lovely submissive moan
sucking the cum right out of me
I shuddered to the bone.

Riding home she snuggled close
a slut, and she was mine
all my plans were falling in place
her sister was next in line.

author, little miss blair
© copyright 2001

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