tagNon-Erotic PoetryMy Two Little Blessings

My Two Little Blessings


I stood near the dew covered window
Overlooking the land surrounding my house
Twilight graced the world, as I watched the star studded sky.
As my mind wandered back from earlier today,
How stressful it was with the children, *sighs*

As I turned away from the window, I walked over to my desk
And as I sat there, prepared to work, I looked up,
To see a card my children had made for me
It read " To mommy"
As I read the card, my heart swelled with love for them.
My hand trembled softly, as I ran a finger over the little heart
Colored red, with a crayon.
A soft smile lit up my face, even as my eyes shone with tears,
I realized just how lucky I was to have my son and daughter,
The air always crackled with love and life, upon hearing their laughter.
Oh, what a joy they are to me, even as they make me frustrated and stressed,
They make me feel alive, through all the emotions they bring out in me.
Oh, Lord, I am so blessed!

I first walked to my son's room, and peered down on him, as he slept,
Leaning down, I kissed his little forehead.
And my eyes widened in amazement,
As, even in slumber, my son whispered "I love you mommy".
I whispered back "I love you too, my sweetheart"
My spirit soared at his words, warming me completely.

Next, I walked to my daughter's room,
Looking at her beautiful little face, as she slept.
Walking to her bed, I smiled down at her and tucked her in.
I raised my hand to move a silky lock of her hair from her eyes,
Her hand swatted at mine away, thinking it was the cat.
I laughed softly, causing her to wake up.
"What's wrong mommy?" she asked
I answered her "I just wanted to tell you that I love you, honey"
She then placed her small hand in mine, and looked up at me.
"I love you mommy" she said softly, her blue eyes full of love.
I sat down beside her and hugged her to me "I Love you too sweetheart".

After I left her room, I went to stand by the window again, looking over the night sky,
And realized so many things.
Our children teach us so much...
How to love, how to enjoy life's simplicities, that we often overlook.
And I also realized how so very lucky I am,
To have my two little blessings.

Written by: Monique
(March 26th, 2004)

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