tagNon-Erotic PoetryMy Wish for You ...

My Wish for You ...


May Your days be filled with wonder,
and Your nights with sweetest dreams.
May the daytime bring You hope and light
and nighttime bring moonbeams.

May Your skies be filled with rainbows,
After storms have come Your way.
May the sunshine keep You warm,
On a long and weary day.

May the count of friends and family
be more than You can measure.
May their caring and their love
create moments that You treasure.

May laughter fill Your life,
Ringing softly in Your ear.
May the words "i love You"
be words You often hear.

May the stresses of Your work
quickly fade away,
May You rise above each challenge.
And never feel dismay.

May You wake up every morning,
looking forward to the day.
May the love that's in Your heart,
Be shared along the way.

May You always chase Your dreams
and reach for every star.
May You travel through life's journey
knowing how very loved You are.

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