tagNon-Erotic PoetryNight Dreams

Night Dreams

byCal Y. Pygia©

Chastised night dreams
assume golden forms,
like enameled tigers
loping through forests
bright with dawn.

The new season
seizes us,
one by one,
in its velvet fingers,
claws promising
deep, enduring pain.

I seek, among virgins,
buttocks shaped
like Valentine's hearts,
pink and red or dark
chocolate, wrapped
in purple Majesty.

In the hallway,
draped in mystery,
sequined with stars,
she has come far,
and I am cold now
and hungry, needing
to eat and sleep.

It was easy (easier)
when we were full,
round, sleek, inviting
begging for It
one last time,
just one

to your
salamander state
slither green
through the grass,
become one
with the water
of the deep pool
wherein sorrows

We used to talk, sometimes,
out here, beneath the stars,
the heavens wheeling
above us, Fate writ large
and bright,
before night dreams
are censured
by knots of hair
and dimpled cheeks
down there. . . .

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