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Nighttime Lust


Thoughts of you give me such pleasure,
Nighttime moments I so treasure.
The times when you invade my dreams
Happen often... so it seems.

Lying here in tangled sheet,
I feel the lust, I feel the heat,
I feel your presence, feel your touch...
I want, and miss you, far too much.

I toss and turn throughout the night
And wish I had you in my sight.
But the gifts I have for you will keep...
They’re hot, and wet, and tight and deep.

I take you where you’ve never been,
And show you things you’ve never seen.
I kiss and lick and suck and bite,
And sizzle in the steamy night.

We take it quickly, take it fast,
Take it slowly, make it last.
Mouth on mouth, skin on skin,
We indulge in every sin.

We writhe and slide, and grind and ride,
Astride, behind, and side by side.
You make me tremble, make me wild,
Somehow you have me quite beguiled.

I close my eyes, and there you are...
You’re never really very far.
You close your eyes, and there you find
This lady waiting in your mind.

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