tagNon-Erotic PoetryNo Prejudice

No Prejudice


Martin is tall, black and beautiful.
Jessica is white, small and plain.
They walk hand in hand, ignoring all the stares.
But I am not racist, I don’t see color.

Michelle is shy, her head always in a book.
Trent is a jock, the teams’ best player.
They both dream of Mike, desiring from afar.
But I do not see labels, I can not read.

Justin wears a suit by day, lingerie for his lover at night.
Lisa consoles Amy, their dreams of a white wedding denied.
But I am not a bigot, no need to pretend with me.

Rick stares in the mirror, wondering what she sees in this scrawny teen.
Angela is nervous about meeting his parents, she is almost as old as them.
But age is irrelevant to me, I do not judge.

I am blind.

I am Love.

Love knows no prejudice.

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