I awake. I am on my back tilted slightly towards you. Open. There are slick fingers sliding. In the moment flashed no longer asleep I need you. I go from sleeping dreamless to deepfuck running waters. I cannot see you. It does not matter. You and I are together in our hunger. It does not matter what my name is. It does not matter what your name is. Your hands realize my coming consciousness and trail away. I have no choice but to follow they cannot leave me. You rest your hands on your own body as if to pretend you were not violating me. But I have lost my self will and it matters not. My body follows my soaking pussy which follows your hands which lay at your sides. When I am right your hands become active again grabbing me stopping me directly above where you need. Pulling me down I am suddenly not alone in my body again. Filled to the brim in fact. There are no thoughts or feelings eyes remained quickly closed as if we were both still sleeping. We both take as much as we need. Harsh fast. There is no loving tenderness here, here such things are overrated. There is time for that later. Now. We are both close to it. Moving in unison. Each begging the other please don't stop please! Don't think now is the time for a caress or a soft kiss. Now is just for fucking. It comes and the minutes tick by who knows how long we suspended time? We do not look. We only feel the hearts so fast they seem to stop. Breath so hard we cannot catch it. In my collapse is sleep again. And other than the hand prints and the scratches neither of us has proof of the mutual rape. It is just a dream with no time limit to remember.

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