tagErotic PoetryNowhere Else I'd Rather Be

Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be


Whisper softly to me,

This pleasure breeds insanity,

I need you to hide me,

To hold me, guide me,

I need you inside of me.

Nervous fingers fret,

Trying to pull the clothes away,

More pleasure to come yet,

My lust to stay.

On my neck your kisses fall,

Nibble here and there my dear,

My body wet, obeys your call,

Touch me and tell me not to fear.

Make me your pet,

Order me to your will

Your pleasure makes me wet,

Your fantasies I wish to fulfill.

Your hands roam down.

Your tongue caresses each breasts' crown

Use your teeth and make me moan

A pleasure driven slave-drone.

Nibble down my tummy and tickle my hips,

Grace every inch of me with your lips

Make me scream and moan and sigh

Pleasure hands with pain filled finger tips

Bite my inner thigh

Work your way to my lower lips.

Lick my slit and cause a groan,

Tongue massage my clit,

Nibble a lip,

And let the orgasmic pain hit home.

Dripping wet I beg my master for more,

Sex is what I implore

But with a better plan in mind

you shove me to my knees

"Spread your legs and don't touch," your orders are firm but kind

You wish for us both to be pleased

Leaving me to myself you leave the room,

I want to touch but I obey in hope,

And pleasure looms

You walk back in with several lengths of rope

A devilish smile graces your face

A sexy taste

You take each of my hands and pull them behind

A devious mind.

You rope them together,

A binding tether.

Then you stand,

And give me orders for the task at hand.

I need to make you sum

Without using my hands at all

Cheek and tongue

I obey your call

Licking away furiously

But slow enough

And sucking with all my worth

You huff and puff

Giving a few moans birth

It takes me longer than it probably should

But I'm still learning to please your manlihood

"good job my little slut"

You untie me and lift my body to yours,

I moan for smut,

And my pussy pours

You press your body against mine

And bite my neck another time

Then order me to lay down and spread my arms and legs,

—still I beg.

You tie each hand to a bed post and watch me shiver with delight you bit my nipple, a lovely host.

And whisper something about pleasuring your slut tonight

Heated KY comes into play

You're not yet done teasing me today

You pour the cold liquid on my waist

While nibbling my breast for another taste

It heats as you rub down

Along with my sounds

You massage hard and teas my entrance

Giving me more intense, pleasure

Then with one hand massaging my clit and the other a breast you enter me slowly

Sending me into a lust filled fit

So ready for the rest

I'm tired from the work-up and my hands are tied all defenses subside

And my body unguarded feels the pleasure waves

You don't stop until I cave

Screaming and moaning your name

Orgasm reverberated through my body, and I came

Soon after you did as well

And then next to me your heaving body fell

You untied me and kissed my face

And with an arm wrapped around my waist

You pulled my back against your chest

Holding me and placing a hand on my breast

You bit my shoulder and kissed my neck and just beneath my ear

There's no where else I'd rather be than here.

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