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Occational Encounters


Our occational encounters are full of heat and passion and I hate when they end.
As your hands move slowly over my body I trembal with wanting and excitement.
Excitement caused by your soft gental touch and the wanting for it to never end.
Your lips softly kiss mine and then move to my neck and then on to other parts of my body.
As your hands move slowly over my naked body I shiver with delight.
Your hand slowly finds it's way to the inside of my thigh.
Your lips seem to slowly go in the same direction.
They make their way over my breasts, my stomach, until they reach the inside of my thigh.
My heart pounds so loudly in my chest and it feels like it is going to explode.
As you slide inside me the fire with in me grows and burns.
As our two bodies become one I moan in pleasure.
The weight of your body on mine nearly takes my breath away.
I gasp and as I do, you push deeper inside of me.
You pull me on top of you and manage to stay inside me.
As I rock back and forth on top of you I start to feel the pleasure grow inside of me.
I look down at your face and you can tell I am almost there.
You look at me as if to say, "That's it, let it go."
I let it go and as I do my lips part and I moan and scream your name.
You place one hand on my neck and the other in my hair, and as I continue to ride you, you tighten your hand on my neck and pull my head back.
You role me back over so that you are on top of me.
As you go harder and deeper inside of me, I run my hands over your back.
As I do this you let out a loud sigh and drive yourself deep inside of me.
As you slide in and out of me I feel like I am going to cry.
Tears of pleasure, tears of joy, tears of fear that it will sadly be over all too soon.
After a few more minutes of hot, steamy passion that seem to last forever, you let out a moan of pleasure.
You drive hard and deep into me one last time, and I can feel your cum squirting stream after stream deep inside my pussy and just the feel of your hot cum inside me makes me cum again.
As you lay there on top of me I hold on to you as tight as I can.
The hours drift slowly by as I lay beside you in your arms and finally drift off to sleep.
My dreams are filled with that night and of our future occational encounters to come.

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