I felt it, then
A stillness in the air
A silence in the sound
As if, approaching,
It harkened
An audience aware

As I pulled the wheel
And turned the corner
Blinking lights
Flashed a warning

They all pulled over
As the procession
Moved past

And I caught a glimpse
Atop the casket,
Just a peek
Beyond a curtain
That no one pulled aside

Of a starry night
And red and white

Moving with the music
A Danny Elfman eulogy
Toward death superlative
A waiting grave
Measured to the inch
And dug in silence

Like the wind stirring
leaves in the gutter
And the clouds skating
Before the moon

As into the distance,
The lights grew dim
The hearse now a blurred speck
Of warning
Harkening an audience

- Heather Killough-Walden

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