Ode #4



I am astounded by you, mesmerized by your spirit, your
graphic presence. You make a man of winter years
frolic in the rains of April.

Come sit atop of me. Feel the surge you have caused.
A night of fine gifts is what we exist within, the gift of each other.
I wish to fill you.
Fill you with the roars of passion, fill you
with the strains of clenched body, fill you

Hold back nothing. Reach for the corners of the night.
Tear at them, peeling away the tight skins around us.
My sweltering fingers claw your back.

The patter of walkers on the cobblestone out the window,
muffle under your breaths, ongoing.
Press your bosom to me.
Let the sweet moisture or my savory lips treat themselves to your,
ample ma’ams.

How effective you are. just the thought of you and I in these,
unbridled amore filled words, spreads the wholesome veins’ liquer
to my already waiting Paladin.
So much so the natural pressure push forth the predetermined juices.
A wonderful salve seeps for you.

Push to me my lover. Push with all you can.
Drive with all you are.
The rhythm we create motivates the deepest songs of the souls we share.
entwined, melting into one.
Sheer elation pulses through me, eroding my mind.
Ner is there a cloud in the sky and yet the winds and thunder rage above us, raining power in immeasurable mountains, down over us. My ears know no sweeter infection then that of the tears from your lips.
They slice the night into pieces, shattering the smitherines into dust.

Every move you make courses desires through my being.
I can not take more.
I encourage your motion with mine.
yours with me; with redundanceof your beating heart.

I wrap around you,
pulling you to me every part of you.
Holding as much as one soul can hold on to another.
The rippling plume of your love radiates down on to me.
The touch of a god’s fingers press us together with greatest
ease and strength. Undeniable.

The flames of our captivation are fanned to the heavens.
The world slows around us.
The fog of a million dawns envelops us.
A hybrid cocoon, encases us.

The depths of each other known, our voices,
claiming each other to the stars,
For it is them only that know how we burn.

Holding you close to my heart, my beat matching yours,
the outpouring of esteemed ecstacy slowly comes to submission.
The fruition of our journey,
fells us slowly into the arms of the other.
the knowledge or paradise gained, revealed and removed
inebriates us.
We lie drunk on ourselves and our love.
My heart smacks of contentment.
My eyes clouded in your gift.

A grin of celebrated bliss coats my lips,
as i receive the same rom you.
You’ve colored my life in all those that can be seen.
I pay you hommage and call you equal at once.

We stand together, shoulder to shoulder,
hands clasped, ready to move on.
But let us enojy this quiet time in each others arms.
This moment when joy is personified.
Hold me close as i hold you.
My lover, my friend.

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