tagNon-Erotic PoetryOde To Flash The Wonder Dog

Ode To Flash The Wonder Dog


A basket of beagles were presented to me
Which one to choose now let me see
Wait, one has jumped out and is climbing on me
Right up my leg and on to my knee

Now he is licking my cheek with his tongue
The choice has been made and he is the one
"Oh not that one," the breeder then said
"He's been over bred and is better off dead

His ears are too large and his pharynx too small
Choose another," he said; "take a look at them all."
"This is the one," I said, "I'll take him."
"He's no good for breeding," he said with chagrin

"Well ok, but I won't charge you full price
Twenty-five dollars will cover it nice."
So with my beagle held tight in my arms
I left that Malibu Dog Breeding farm

Little did I know that the pup with extra large ears
Would become a dog among dogs as he grew through the years
With heroic deeds and adventures and fame
Flash the wonder dog would live up to his name

He rescued a maiden from a group of bad guys
He chased away dogs that were four times his size
While visiting a friend he got lost one day
He found his way home forty miles away

Once he uncovered a human leg bone
Which he decided to bring to our home
The police advised me to follow his trail
Not knowing that Flash was too hard to tail

And late in the evening while we played a blues song
Flash would then soulfully howl along
Right in tune with us all he would just join right in
He knew when to stop and when to begin

He ran free in Venice, the dogcatchers vowed
As they shook their fist and hollered out loud
"One day we'll catch you," but they never could
He was a legend thought-out the whole neighborhood

He had many friends that fed him fresh meat
A local butcher and people who lived on our street
He's survey the neighborhood from his rooftop post
To see what event needed him the most

Then out he would go to check out the scene
And try to decide if he should intervene
He was known far and wide for his heroic ways
Each day an adventure, he lived out his days

And when Flash reached his golden years
I gave him to a friend, and shed a few tears
But to keep him locked up was much worse you see
So he lived on a ranch where he could run free

I have had many dogs, each in their way
Effected my life but this I must say
Flash is the dog that impressed me the most
It is he I remember and he that I boast

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