tagErotic PoetryOde to Loving my Sister!

Ode to Loving my Sister!

byUncle Pervey©

I stopped by one night,
To visit my Sis.
We drank and talked some,
She went off to piss.

I had to also,
So started up stairs,
I met her coming,
Half way back down there.

As I slipped by her,
I slapped her sweet rump.
My cock stood right up,
My heart gave a jump.

I saw lust glowing,
From her burning eyes!
My hand felt on fire,
From touching her thigh.

I started on up,
She headed back down.
Reaching the bathroom,
My face wore a frown.

Thinking about her,
As I tried to pee,
Was burning my mind,
The image-urrr-ee.

My mouth felt so dry,
As I went down stairs.
I couldn't see Sis,
I looked everywhere.

I felt so horny,
But she'd gone to bed.
My mind was burning,
Inflaming my head.

I knew that my Sis,
When she went to bed,
Made my mind lock up,
Dispondency fed.

I grabbed and turned,
Her bedroom door knob.
It opened with ease,
I gave a small sob.

With lust filled joy I,
Swung open her door.
I went in and saw,
The girl I adored!

She looked so lovely,
As she lay so still.
I caught my breath and,
My mind felt a thrill!

She was stretched out there,
Under the bed clothes.
I pulled them off her,
My Love I exposed.

Taking my clothes off,
I lowered my head.
Straight at her pussy,
I saw her legs spread.

I wanted to eat her,
Sweet pussy hole first.
When my lips touched it,
My cock almost burst!

I nuzzled into,
The hair on her snatch.
I began to eat,
Her wonderful patch.

She moved her hips as,
I sucked on her clit.
I heard her murmur,
"Oh Johnny! Oh shit!"

"Do it good Johnny!
Eat my love hole out!
Give me a tongue fuck,
That will make me shout!"

"I'll give you a treat,
If you make me cum!
After we've rested,
I'll give you my bum!"

"I'll let you lick and,
Tongue fuck my tight hole.
I'll let you do it,
Both fast and real slow."

"After you've finished,
I'll pull my crack wide.
I'll let you shove your,
Hot cock deep inside."

As she was talking,
My fevered brain fried!
I slid up on her,
And shoved it inside!

I started to fuck her,
I fucked fast and slow.
She began moving,
Her hips back and fro.

She matched my rhythm,
Her legs wrapped so tight.
Squeezing my body,
With all of her might!

I felt her shudder,
And begin to cum!
I shot my own load,
I wanted her Bum!

And while we rested,
I stroked her sweet ass.
I sucked on the titties,
Of my lovely lass.

Her nipples grew hard,
And tasted so good.
I heard her murmur,
"Oh Johnny be good!"

Then my cock tingled,
It started to grow.
I slipped down to eat,
Her scrumptious asshole.

She reached back her hands,
And pulled her cheeks wide.
As my lips brushed it,
She breathed hard and sighed.

"Yes My sweet Johnny!
Lick on my asshole.
Suck it, and tongue it!
You know that I know!"

"You want to do it!
Tongue fuck my tight hole!
That's what I want too!
I know that you know!"

I licked her spincter,
Til it looked inflamed!
It was so swollen,
It drove me insane!

I sucked and licked it,
And drove my tongue in.
I lapped her sweet hole,
And did it again.

I finally finished,
And then I avowed.
"Tootsie dear Tootsie,
I want my treat now!"

I felt her move as,
I slid up her back.
She reached behind her,
And opened her crack.

And as I felt my,
Hot cock press her hole.
She gasped out "Johnny!
Please do it real slow!"

"Your hard cock's so big!
My asshole's so small!"
"Listen dear Sister,"
I whispered "My dear,"
I'll be real gentle.
You've nothing to fear."

I pushed my cock in,
Real slow and real deep.
I stretched her rectum,
So wide Tootsie bleeped.

"Oh Johnny! Oh! Oh!
You're splitting me wide!"
I soothed then told her,
"I'm now all inside."

She groaned "Thank Goodness!
I couldn't take more!
Now, do it Johnny!
Love my back door!"

That's what I wanted,
So I slid on in.
I fucked her asshole,
I did it again!

This ends my story,
Of me loving Sis,
So won't you tell me,
What you think of this!!

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