tagErotic PoetryOde to Mistress

Ode to Mistress


Ode to Mistress

Lust and desire has consumed me.
Erotic images sear my mind.
All is subliminal.

my lips yearn

i try to describe.
i am unable.
i sense eroticism.

my loins stir.

Your inferences are heady.
Your innuendos are teasing.
Your details without details are salacious.

my hips hunger.

i look again at the images.
i re-read each written line.
i replay the seduction of o/Our conversations.

my nipples swell.

i need a distraction: a walk. The thoughts don't subside.
i need a distraction: work. The calendar stares at me.
i need a distraction: a party. Each Woman flames my desires.

my body hums.

i give in to my thoughts: Shimmering Lips
i give in to my thoughts: Whispy Scents
i give in to my thoughts: Provocative Textures

my surrender assured.

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