tagErotic PoetryOde to Sex

Ode to Sex


We can do the Frog Squat, the Taste My Twat, the Wild Rodeo, the Reverse Mambo
We can try the Poolside, the Side-by-Side, the Tangled Spider, the Betty Rocker
Maybe the Cuban Ladle, the Rock the Cradle, the Ironing the Cracks, the Snuggle Back
How about the Reverse Hot Seat, the Take My Meat, the Slider, and the Sniper

I want to tease you, tempt you, fuck you and suck on you
You need to lick me, stick me, caress me, and express to me
I want to blow you, owe you, ravish you, and lavish on you
You should take me, make me, buff me, and be rough with me

I want you to order me to be your fucking bitch
Tell your dick, I have a place that needs to be itched
I am going to take all of you, every inch, in my mouth
I want to start at your delicious lips and head straight south

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