tagNon-Erotic PoetryOf Mice and Men 2

Of Mice and Men 2


G: Start with what you don't like.
K: Giving and never receiving.
G; How do you get what you want?
K: Presents.
G: What?
K: Something for something. Everything has a value. Determine the value. The cost. My calculations are never correct George.
G: No, no, no.
K: How then?
G: Like us. Shared experience.
K: But what about price for time? He said money is romance and I am not romantic enough.
G: Romance is not money. Oh, Kikah!
K: I know I'm fucked up George.
G: This is going to take time.
K: I dreamed of an endless flight of stairs. I kept saying, I'm hurting, I can't do this. He was ahead of me and screaming for me to move faster.
G: Did you have friends?
K: In the dream?
G: No. When you were there?
K: His people.
G: Oh, Kikah! What about the man you loved?
K: He shamed me.
G: How?
K: I gave him presents. He didn't like my presents. Said they were cheap. They weren't. For me. I baked cakes. I kneeled and did THAT. He didn't like my presents or THAT. From me. I wanted more but I don't take. He said for me to keep doing what I was doing. Nothing more.
G: Did the other man know?
K: He set it up. I thought it was private.
G: Oh, Kikah. Can I give you a hug?
K: Don't touch me! No one touches me! I'm not going to let you choke me.
G: I'm not going to hurt you Kikah. I won't touch you. I would never choke you Kikah.
K: I'm sorry George.
G: Why are you sorry?
K: I offended you. Always doing and saying wrong George.
K: Oh, Kikah!

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