tagErotic PoetryOn Display

On Display


Wear a skirt tonight,
the flowing one
that clings to your hips
and matches your eyes.

We're going out
to the street of lights.
I want to show you off,
so forget the bra.

But slip on a thong,
the red silk one
that rubs my cock
when pulled aside.

Stop here a while,
at the sidewalk bistro.
But no chair for you.
Sit here, on my lap.

Don't be shy now.
It's a crowded place,
and no one knows
that I'm growing hard.

Smile sweetly,
while I order.
"Deux verres de vin,
s'il vous plaît."

Slip fingers down
and free my cock.
Act quickly now.
Many eyes are near.

Let it rise strong
between your thighs.
Wrap your small hands
around me and stroke.

I know they watch,
those men over there.
No matter, your play
is mostly hidden.

You're trembling.
This excites you,
fucking here before
innocent strangers.

I can feel you wet,
and dripping down.
Rise discretely
and slide upon me.

Try to sit still.
Just grind your cunt
down along my cock,
as others glance.

Greet this couple.
You've met before.
Laugh at her joke,
as I fuck you deep.

Good, they've moved on
into the night parade.
Feel how my fingers
are playing your clit.

When you need to cum,
squeeze my cock tight.
Roll your lovely ass
and milk me slow.

You can't hide it.
That woman can see.
She is shocked, but
cannot look away.

These college girls,
they're whispering.
"See how he owns her.
She belongs to him."

Their cunts are moist
with secret envy.
Let them see you cum.
Voyeurs always know.

I feel you pulsing
urgent around me.
Cum with my hand firm
upon this soft throat

Fuck, yes. Good girl.
Keep cumming hard,
as my fingers strum
your swollen clit.

Oh god, your cunt,
you're emptying me.
I'm cumming still,
before everyone.

Let them bear witness.
We are joined in lust,
our pleasure exposed,
no more secrets left.

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