tagErotic PoetryOn the swing

On the swing


An 8 month pregnant mother and her 18 year old son, were sitting on the back porch swing, basking in the sun.
Mother Kathy's tits were full, her belly round and plump, hubby's gone on business and she's hungry for a hump.
Son Jason's crotch is swollen, a tent between his hips, Kathy's eyes take notice, she gently licks her lips.
Kathy hugs her baby and smothers him with love, she wants to feel his long young pole, deep inside her glove.
Kathy straddles Jason, her jugs crushed against his chest, her son's engorged penis, wedged against her nest.
And as the teenaged boy, feels the weight of her pregnant belly, she whispers "fuck me" in his ear and Jason turns to Jelly.
An 8 month pregnant mother and her 18 year old son, are swinging in the back porch swing, in the noon day sun.
Naked tits sway back and forth against her pregnant tummy, plump young balls against her ass, a cock shoved up her cunny.
She feels his fucker stretch her lips, the tip pops in her womb. A rush of cum shoots up his shaft, the head starts to ballon.
Then Kathy's cunt begins to cream, her body begins to quiver. Jason's sprem begins to spray, soaking sister with its river.
From there on out, Kathy swore, she'd continue her naughty fling. When hubby leaves, she'd straddle her baby on the back porch on the swing.

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