You render my hands helpless
as helpless as my heart
in it's quest not to love you

You bind them tightly together
pushing them behind my back
while you tell me of my need

I protest your soft words
refusing to accept them
as they try to claw into my soul

No, I don't desire this
my mouth speaks it aloud
the silence then crackles

You come around to face me
and you pull my chin up
forcing me to see my desire

Swift and achingly sure
the crop strikes my ass
a pink stripe of pain following

I cry out as it hits me
flowing in stark amber waves
to the center of my existance

I see your eyes light up
your pleasure unmistakable
as my eyes tell the truth

I close them and turn away
you repeat the lashing stroke
and I open them in shock

You say to my agonized face
that I will be punished more
if I deny you the sight

So I keep my eyes on you
pain glazing their green fire
pleasure dancing in their depths

I lose my place in time
you, my clock; my compass
following your will in every way

Slowly I become aware once more
unbound, cradled within your arms
you tenderly igniting my desires

You cool me, make me burn
I feel I have left my own body
and crawled inside yours

And as you grab my hips
pulling me onto your hardness
I know, finally, how it feels to be...


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