tagErotic PoetryOne Two Three Four Thumb

One Two Three Four Thumb

byMy Erotic Tail©

Finger number one.
along your slit it run.
It's long and lean,
glideing at the seam.

I insert it in,
and the fun begins.
As it pushes some
back out it will come.

For it needs to get wet.
So to my mouth it jets.
Tasteing of you.
My smile now grew.

While it is there,
I might as well take care.
Of finger number two
and insert both in you.

Both of them wet,
for your pleasure to get.
They prod and probe.
Twisting like a globe

Deeper they go.
Pleaseing you I know.
The depths of your belle.
Like fingers in jelly.

I pull them out.
You let out a pout.
But they must get more wet.
While in my mouth they set.

Taste of your yummy.
Fingers now gummy.
I ready finger number three,
this one will fILL you with glee.

Then back at your hole,
and inward they go.
You arch your back,
as three fingers interact.

Pushing in deep,
all 3 fingers seep.
Spreading your walls,
as slowly they crawl.

I feel your wettness,
as they create messes.
And finger number four,
goes in the back door.

Three fingers in your puss,
as the ass one will push.
Your ass off the bed
and cum starts to shed.

Now lets not forget the thumb.
Across your clit it run.
wiggle them all like a worm.
And you start to squirm.

Thumb and four fingers.
All toy and linger.
Along your pussy they run,
as you start to cum..

You get wet with out fail.
So I stick you with my tail.
Filling your tight hole.
We both cum and glow.

Pull my finger out of your ass.
As my cum fills the mass.
Pull out my tail with one eye.
On ecstasy we fly.

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