tagErotic Poetryonly for a night

only for a night


i'd like to be a prostitute
if only for a night
i think i'd be awesome at it
bringing customers delight
i'd put on some make-up,
heels, and sexy clothes
i'd work the corner of a town
where me nobody knows
i'd probably get wet between the legs
from the first person to stop by
this is something i always wanted to do
always wanted to try
we'd go to a dirty motel
i'd get the money and we'd begin
am i going to hell
is my fantasy some sort of sin
being a hooker for just one night
i think would be such a thrill
everytime i picture it
my spine gets a tiny chill
one thing's for sure
it won't be a fantasy for long
it's something i must do
because the urge is much too strong

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