I usher you into the room, our pleasure now to seek
The air is warm, the bed is soft, your mouth opens to speak
A finger stops and is replaced by my lips in a kiss
We hold each other in a clinch, fall into an abyss
Of wanting, need to satisfy, and gratify joint lust
Allowing us to unleash feelings pent-up is a must
I break away, your eyes are closed, a moan escapes your lips
But is replaced by a sharp sigh when my hand brushes tips
Of breasts hidden neath clothing now soon lossened and soon freed
One button, two then blouse is gone, your bra is next to go
And with a flick your breasts are freed, your nipples standing so
They need my touch I take each one, tween finger twist and thumb
Then stoop to take them in my mouth and lick them with my tongue
Now standing proud and glistening with spittle from my mouth
With one last kiss on each, time to progress and head down south
Removing belt, skirt, hose and shoes leaves you in only pants
And gently these are lowered now, naked you in your stance
Kneeling now, my nose seeks out that scent your sex lets out
That wondrous smell of longing from anticipation 'bout
Our need to consumate our lust to make each other cum
Enjoy our bodies while we can before home time begun
Another kiss, you help me to undress, this time you feel
My pants this time betray my needs, so hard this rod of steel
Naked at last, your fingers play, surround my rampant cock
And stroke me, slowly wanking me to keep me like a rock
Now on the bed I bid you sit, just inches from your face
My prick salutes your sex to find comfort in such a place
Your lips open I feed it in, eyes closed you start to suck
Tongue playing tunes of harmony, my arse begins to buck
My balls you cup within in your hands, massege so carefully
Then using tongue to trace my prick you lick them teasingly
Too soon I moan, your turn to get sensations I can give
So on your back, your legs pushed up, I now approack your cunt
And with my lips, my fingers, tongue your tiny bud I hunt
Then prising it out from its hood I tease it, make it hard
And kiss and lick till sighs and moans flow from you like a bard
Your juices flow, I lap them up, legs wide, my head you grip
Sucking your clit, sensations grow, your going on a trip
To that place where feelings erupt, I feel you're going to cum
So one, then two, fingers I place in cunt; in arse, my thumb
And bring you to the boil this does, the pressure is released
You cum so hard, holes worked until sensations all but ceased
Then sated just for now you are, and to reciprocate
You want my cock within your mouth, to get me in a state
So take me in and fill your face you suck me and enjoy
My hardness, taste and feeling, your tongue you do employ
To bring me to the point beyond where there'll be no return
Eyes shut, lips wide tongue so busy, my balls begin to burn
Spunk rising with each suck you take, I know I'm gonna cum
And fill your mouth; to drink and feel my semen hit your tum
My spunk erupts, you take it down, I'm shouting, what a din!
You swallow hard, but some escapes and dribbles down your chin
So gently now you clean me up, I feel so spent and weak
Together lying, arm in arm, there is no need to speak
A rest before the main event our passions so to rise
And seek to bring each other then to reach the foremost prize

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