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Oral Fantasy


You have no idea how I fantasize
       about gazing into your sexy eyes
Your lips on my neck, your hands on me
       wow how soaked my panties would be
Undressing me slow, just taking it in
       my heart is now racing, cant wait to begin
You suck on my nipples, just going to town
       but the best part is coming, you are now moving down
My fingers running through your soft brown hair
       Your mouth kisses slowly, you are just about there
You lay me down gently, my legs slowly open
       You'll lick me forever, oh god how I'm hoping
Your mouth is now on me, wow that feels great
       stick your tongue deep inside me, I can no longer wait
I'm pinching my nipples, and rubbing my breasts
       My juices are flowing, my god you're the best
My legs are wide open, not closing a bit
       your tongue moves up slowly to dance on my clit
I moan with excitement, for this I cant hide
       you slip not just one, but two fingers inside
My heart is now pounding, and starting to race
       for soon I will be cumming all over your face
My body now shaking, I'm biting my thumb
       and I scream out to you that I'm going to cum
My muscles contract, I am thrashing about
       "I'm cumming hard for you baby" you hear me shout out
Wow that was amazing, best I have ever had
       but you didnt stop eating, and for that I was glad
Now its four orgasms later, how'd I get so much luck
       but the day isnt over, its now time to fuck!!!!

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