tagErotic PoetryOrgasmic Bliss

Orgasmic Bliss


As she lay there in the waterbed
looking just so beautiful,
I gently parted her sweet thighs,
and let my tongue explore at will.

Such ecstasy, she had never known;
a craving awoke in her.
As the moist warmth of my tongue
teased and touched -- she purred.

Soon she began to moan and plead
for me to never stop.
As her body bucked and writhed,
I brought her to the top.

She was lost in complete surrender,
her heart pounding as I took her there,
and held her on the pinnacle's edge
in tortured, wanton pleasure.

She was fast losing control,
caught up in total bliss,
but I held her there right at the top;
as she screamed and hissed,

'Oh Baby, it just feels so good!
Please don't ever stop!
Tease me! Taunt me! Taste me!
Drive me over the top!'

But I continued slowly teasing
as she bucked and screamed;
I wanted to completely fulfill
her every little dream.

Finally, she could take no more,
and I drove her over the top
and held her thrashing, wanton body
until all the thrashing stopped.

DaLovePoet (Mike Diaz)
~written March 15, 2000~

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