tagErotic Poetryour fairwell fuck

our fairwell fuck


i greeted you at the door
wearing nothing but a smile
i craved one last night with you
before you walked down that aisle
i sucked your dick
right there at the door
you were so surprised
you almost hit the floor
your dick started out limp
but my sucking made it stand tall
unlike with your fiance'
sex with me is never dull
you were on the verge of cumming
and like a tease i stopped sucking
this was the prelude
to some steaming, hot fucking
i held your cock
and took you to the bedroom
we needed this last fling
because tomorrow you'll be a groom
i laid on the bed
and you climbed on top of me
watching us in my mirror
made me feel so sexy
my arms wrapped around your neck
my legs wrapped around your waist
then you slid your cock out
so i could have a taste
i sucked your dick so hard
my mouth was like a vacuum
you came on my face
and then the fucking resumed
i got you hard again
then clilmbed on top of you
i do the things
your girl would never do
you suck my boobs
and give my nipples a twist
and even though you're getting married
we just couldn't resist
i ride your dick so well
that your fiance' can't compete
and the crazy thing about is
i'm the one who had you meet

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