tagNon-Erotic PoetryOur Wish was Granted

Our Wish was Granted


I looked at the clock on the wall, time seemed to stop as the second hand didn't fall.
Looking around I glanced right and left, wondering what had happened to my great quest.
The quest was so simple and free, I just wanted a moment for you and for me.
I asked for an hour, you asked for a day, your wish had been granted with 24 Hours of play.

5:30 am my clock it did say, as I turned to a sound that was coming my way.
My eyes got wide and my face slightly pale, as I took in the sight of a billowing wail.
The cloudy mist that surrounded my hall, soon lifted away and I almost did fall.
Before me you stood, before me quite tall and without a word my heart it started to call.

You walked slowly towards my place, and soon your lips were touching my face.
My eyes would not close as you touched me so sweet, and gave me the taste of a delicious treat.
Shivers of doubt coursed through my soul as I tried to find out where this would go.
Don't ask questions, don't ask why, let's live for this moment you said with a sigh.

I swallowed my awe and kissed you back as your lips they descended and made their attack.
Pressing together our bodies did meet upon this dark and lonely street.
We held one another tight with emotion as our bodies started to sway like the ocean.
Take my hand you said and led me to bed, where soon all thoughts of us filled my head.

My blouse was soon lifted, my skirt to was gone, as fast as a wink you were there right along.
Holding me close as we started to move, each one of us trying hard not to swoon.
Kisses we pressed on shoulders and hands, while our bodies began to play in the band.
Touches and strokes with fingers so fine, that each time we moaned it was filled so divine.

Soon our heat started to simmer and quake, with whimpering sound we could finally mate.
Something had happened, and gave us this time to live, laugh and learn in our frozen minds.
You moved so slowly with each tendered touch, as I took my tastes of the fresh offered lunch.
Passion and fury drove us to move with quicker abandon and faster groves.

As we soon discovered each place that we liked, we quickly began to take off in flight.
Moments of ecstasy took us quite far, then we were looking, the time, no longer ours.
Two lovers bodies did sperate, and a kiss on my lips we shared the end of our fate.
Now I'm here and your somewhere out there, waiting for another wish we could share.

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