A Slave Girl of Talunas Told Her Tale

How many stories has this Old One told
Of Earthly girls who were in slavery sold?
On Earth such acts would be a vicious crime
On Gor the auction block can be sublime
Their beauty is displayed for all to see
They can be groped with crass impunity
No privacy allowed their tender parts
Not even in their dearest heart of hearts
Her Holy of most Holy spots are bare
Her pubis shorn of its protective hair
But I've been speaking of the settled towns
Leave to the jungles and the marshy grounds
And you might enter realms unknown to man
Ruled by Talunas, fearsome female clan

Across the sparseness of dark open space
Slave ships with human cargo boldly race
Sleek onyx hulls that glisten with conceit
As girls in coffles moan in their defeat
Sometimes the slavers find themselves the prey
When silver hulls enter into the fray
Then from the night sky tumble they and crash
Soon all that's left is twisted iron and ash
But from such wreckage girls might somehow flee
And wander in the woods with liberty
But freedom is a two-edged sworn I'm told
It's fine to wish for, not so fine to hold
The woods are cold or hot or steamy wet
In any case a city girl's worst bet

Alone sweet Paegan wandered aimlessly
Her pretty clothes weren't fit for vagrancy
Indeed, she'd never seen such bush before
Her skin was scratched, her feet were wretched sore
The bugs and poison plants were everywhere
What can be eaten? Where must one take care?
The insect buzzed about her comely head
Her throat was parched; she wished that she were dead
Did she survive the crash to perish here
In pampered college dorms she'd had no fear
Or maybe just that boyfriend would be rude
Or some professor's questions were too crude.
But here in torrid tropics tough.
She suffered mightily, the climate rough

At night the jungle sounds were vicious bad
She didn't have the comfort sleeping pad
And, worst of all, there was no porcelain
To perch upon and rest her sweet behind
Just grass and bugs and ugly water foul
What misery, she had to void her bowel
She saw some carcasses by beast devoured
Remains once human. How her stomach soured!
A jungle day is an eternity
A jungle night is worse than infamy
Her flawless skin now swollen with acne.
Her legs were whelps, from ankle to her knee
Her panties once so pristine and so pure
Now reeked of urine and the worst manure

At least no mirror was around to see
That her fair face no longer blemish-free
Or matted, unkempt hair and smelly blouse
Around her armpits crept some wretched louse
How could so many bugs make her their home?
She longed for Earth with life less troublesome
Then coldest fear froze her up from inside
A female warrior came with measured stride
Her wretched hunger, burning insane thirst
Were set aside, her lungs would nearly burst
And run she did, then falling in the mire
The clock on lonely hours would just expire
But with it also all her liberty
What price to pay for food and family?

About the campfire girls would dance and sing
They'd tell wild tales of men and everything
That happened in the jungle during the day
There girls would serve them every tender way
Taluna slaves are disciplined nymphets
Their mistresses are stringent martinets
A girl's derriere is punished heartily
Should she offend her Mistress wantonly
A girl must do exactly as she'd told
She's property, a chattel to be sold
Or traded, whatsoever is desired
Between the free, a barter so transpired
But with her sisters in the tribal keep
They joke of silly men before they sleep

The girls attend their Mistresses with care
Preparing fire, food, even braiding hair
Their slavery is total and complete
There's no escape from jungles searing heat
With bugs and vermin all about the place
The girls enjoy their coffle and its space
Where campfires warm and drive away the bugs
In tribal rituals, sisterly hugs
How little do the men know of this way
As Saturnalia once had its sway
In ancient times on Earth in Europe's South
Yet none was written, all was word of mouth
Only could mortal man dream of those girls
And wonder what it was like in their worlds

"Paegan" a poem by Taunus 18 December 2006

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