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Painful Pleasure


How like a snivelling freak she must seem to those blind to life's embassy of hidden sensuality.

For they have no eyes to know that she crawls towards the one who holds her delight in his calloused hands of painful pleasure.

And when she reaches that empathic emptiness, she knows she must dart her tongue across what must surely be filth encrusted feet.

Her subjugation complete, her prison of disturbing silence is bound to be broken by leathers strong bonds of a circus of climaxing gnashing beasts.

Her eyes drink in the sight that locks them together in a play that repeats itself in discordant yearning known so well in a shattered lust recognised only to them as agony's harmony.

His booming voice of mastery directs her puppet flesh towards the delicate cruelty and entertaining delight that must surely end in his satiated grunting flesh of mystery.

Knowing what lies ahead for her, the voice of her submissiveness is begging for the chosen one to show her how any man of dependence cannot resist the need to give her the pain she so carefully dictates as her desire.

He is precise as this statue of lust directs this creature of symbiotic sensuality to accept the flashing agony that awaits her aching pulsating muscles; that hide the nerves that open their arms to his energetic and powerful manipulations.

And once she is prostrate before his towering form, this fortress of pain takes up his instrument and gives it a force of nature that begs to know that pleasure awaits its recipient.

For she knows so well that her pain lives on to entreated her and any of those who open their arms to its parasitic capture.

Across her burning body the pain lives like she wishes it would, knowing that it must die away unless that tower of lighting strength brings more of it alive for her to consume; to satisfy her blissful addiction.

Knowing its mastery, her pain is her compulsion, her emptiness is filled.

Now she knows that her obsession must drag her willingly towards what is her passionate need to be filled with the punishingly hard cocks of the creatures of unrelenting pain.

Her filth has been swept clean by nature's pain, and she is flooded with the inviting joy that lives to become one with the hardness that it consumes.

For the creature who was once a statue has been transformed into one who now yearns to smoother her fire with his spurting juices of copulation.

This creature of mastery takes his pleasure in her submissively delightful silky soft flesh that opens like a flower in springtime.

But his own body is beyond his control, he is caught in a web of his own making, and thus he watches on as his cock tells stories of positively fulfilling entertainment for one so bound to her painfulness that it entreats her climatic scintillation.

Knowing what his role is in this dance of pain must be, he rubs the welts of bitten flesh to remind them they can once again become searing painful markers of his antics; that is welcomed by this magical specimen who confounds him into his role in this knotted couple.

Joined in his dominance of her earthly flesh, she longs to delve into the painful recollections that drive her own lust towards a gluttonous explosive fulfilment.

Her fluids gush forth in complete acknowledgement of her abandoned pretence at restrained orgasmic swells.

The oceans of her own body's pleasure is a tide of unfrequented power, the waters wash her pleasure beyond the shores of her knowing mind, and the salt surges forward to cradle in pain her lust of knowing certainties.

Still he grips her limbs and his hardness of pacing flesh stills itself from becoming erupting fluids that will surely become connected deep inside her welcoming flesh of openness.

As he ignites more pain for her to consume, she begs this puppet of her flesh's dreaming carnival to make her dance in the rivers of his unknowing liquid lust.

It is her wish to further ascend to the depths of succulent consummation.

Who could deny her demands?

For they meet with his own powerful wishes of erupting thirst quenching spurts of muscular contortions.

Together than mash their flesh in a cyclone of lust that carries their climaxes towards an ultimate destination.

Caught in life endless battle, they know once again will be theirs as soon as their bodies are capable of answering the question that is their interdependence of blissful agony.

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