tagErotic PoetryPast and Present

Past and Present


It was not planned, it was no some grand scheme
Just something that happened when no one had seen
A touch, a flirt, a caress that lasts just a little too long
A kiss that lingers and somehow doesn't feel wrong.

Lisa slips her hand over mine and her breasts are against my back
My tongue is in Sara's mouth and my will is about to crack
We're standing in the living room and Lisa's hands begin to move
Sara breaks the kiss, in her eyes I can see she approves.

I kiss Sara while Lisa undresses me, her hands on my skin
I look down at Sara's blouse unsure of where to begin
And we move to the couch and my pants are pulled down my thighs
And as Lisa's hand touches me, I lock onto my wife's eyes.

Sara, my love, the one woman I adore
Lisa, her friend, beautiful, smart, and more
I know Sara's past, I assumed something like this
But nothing can prepare me for watching them kiss

Lisa's hand, warm on my cock, sliding along its length
Holding back my orgasm is taking all of my strength
A hungry kiss, tongue and saliva and quiet moans
The kiss breaks, Lisa squeezes, and I release a low groan.

Sara kisses me again, I taste wine on her breath
Lisa bows her head, nips at me, I know this will be my death
My underwear is peeled down, a soft breath washes over me
I open my eyes, unprepared for what I see

My wife's friend, former lover, lips poised over my cock
As my wife kisses my throat, my heart ticks madly like a clock
Sara runs her hand over my chest, nails raking the hair
I try to undo the buttons of her blouse, and she whispers not to tear

Lisa takes me into her mouth and I can't help but melt
Her tongue, her lips, the gentle suction of her mouth all I felt
Then her hands gripped my balls, gently, gently, just a tease
Sara kissed me hard, touched Lisa's head, and said to do as I please

I whisper to my wife, I tell her where I want her to be
She smiles, kisses my lips, drops slowly to her knees
I watch her kiss Lisa with my cock trapped between them
Tongues darting around me, soft like breath, God, I'm going to come...

Lisa strokes me, her fingers in a ring tight and small
Sara bows her head and licks at my balls,
I press a fist to my forehead, I still can't believe my luck
Then Sara lifts her head, looks up at me, "Who do you want to fuck?"

I want Lisa, I want to be deep inside of her
Sara smiles understandingly and tells Lisa in a whisper
Lisa gives my cock one final lick, stroke, kiss, pet
She stands up, raises her skirt, pussy bare and wet

Sara grips my cock, holding it steady, I can barely think
Lisa straddles my lap, eyes on mine, and she begins to sink
I feel my cock against her pussy lips, groan as she takes me inside
This beautiful woman, my beautiful wife, I closed my eyes and sighed

Lisa begins to ride me, impaling herself on my cock,
Sara's hands are on Lisa's stomach, which is flat as a rock
Sara moves her hands down, spread around me like a vice,
And Lisa moans as she's stroked and fucked, just like she likes.

I push Lisa's shirt up, I can't wait to see her chest
One hand is on her thigh as the other explores and begins to caress
I feel Sara's tongue on my shaft, moving down to my sack
Then it moves back up, up to kiss the small of Lisa's back

She's giving me a blow job, her tongue flicking my balls
Lisa's really riding me now, I watch her breasts rise and fall
Sara straightens, holds Lisa's breasts in her hands
Lisa turns her head, they kiss, it's more than I can stand

"I'm coming," I gasp, horrified it will end already
Lisa whispers, "You can come inside, go on, I'm ready."
Sara disappears, drops down, I feel her tongue on me again
I arch my back, press tight against Lisa, my control wearing thin

I come hard, twitching inside of her pussy
Sara moans my name, licks my cock, this isn't going to be easy
I slide out of Lisa, my cock touching her lips
And Sara licks up both, Lisa's slit and my tip

My come drips down, painting her chin like beads and lace
Lisa bows down and kisses me, her hands framed my face
Sara shoves her tongue in Lisa's pussy, getting all my come
Then she pulls Lisa to her, they kiss, both of them swallowing some.

I think I'm spent, my cock already growing soft
But the girls have different plans, I'm not getting off
Lisa rises off my lap, cupping her mound with one hand
Sara smiles at me and helps me stand.

"Where are we going?" I ask as Sara and Lisa touch
Sara says, "The night is young, there is far too much
For us to do, too much fun to be had, for you to give in."
She leads us down the hall; my night was just about to begin.

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