tagErotic PoetryPatterns Everywhere

Patterns Everywhere

byCal Y. Pygia©

Numb, maybe paralyzed:
therapeutic pain massages
my shoulders and my hands,
masturbates my brain
until I don't know
whether I'm coming
or going
or whether pain
is pleasure
or the two are just the same. . . .

Blood or red ink hemorrhages:
I bleed; therefore, I am,
or so Descartes claims,
anyway. . . .

The trees whisper in the breeze;
the moon smiles down on me
grinning from ear to ear, except
of course, the moon has no ears
and cannot hear
what the trees
whisper to me. . . .

I came down a long road,
with tall, thick trees
on either side of the highway,
traveling fast past
the windmills and the long
summer's ride,
indifferent (at the time)
to the thrill of daffodils. . . .

My face burns and peels,
the flesh coming off
like a mask that hides
a secret self. . . .

There is a pattern in all things,
or most things, anyway,
the worm and the mountain,
a song and a poem,
a girl and a boy making love,
even when the girl is a boy, too,
there is a pattern to life,
a pattern to death,
a pattern to all things
in between,
the gaping and the clean. . . .

There is a pattern in numbness and massage,
in hemorrhaging and communication,
in being and nothingness, in male and female,
in masculinity and in femininity
and in every sex and gender in between. . . .

I am not afraid anymore
of the face in the mask,
even when the mask
comes off,
leaving only bone. . . .

Loneliness in a half-lit room,
one's favorite poison by one's side,
a sad song on the radio,
and thoughts and memories
of blue blood, pink flesh,
one rotting that the other may bloom,
exchanging death for doom,
and death, sweet death,
a hitchhiker begging,
always, for a ride. . . .

The long road ends ahead,
having proceeded from nothingness
and led nowhere,
another pattern for some dick,
a Columbo or a Monk,
a Dupin or a Holmes,
a Marple or a Brown, perhaps,
to figure out. . . .

Meanwhile, may I have
my penis back?

Without it, my breasts
don't match,
and, besides,
it's a shame
to break up
such a lovely set. . . .

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