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Perfect Girl


This is a one time poem for the woman I have and will always love. I hope she sees this and knows how much she means to me.


I met her back in middle school.
Cute. Freckles. A little chubby then.
Cool blue green eyes. Sad smile.
She was tattered. Torn to shreds.
Didn't let anyone get close.
Then I said hi.
She said hi.
Daniel said hi.
We became the three musketeers.
We were closer than close.
I fell in love that first day I saw her.
Time and circumstances separated us.
She moved.
I moved.
Time passed.
I met other girls.
I wined and dined them.
I licked them.
I kissed them.
I fucked them.
Then I lost them because...
I kept calling out her name
Every time I came.
She was the only one I wanted.
I gave up on women.
They did not like being second place to her.
I met a guy.
He was gay.
I just wanted release.
He sucked me.
I came.
I sucked him.
He came.
We came to an agreement.
We moved in together.
We were friends with blow jobs.
He knew I loved her.
Fuck it all, I worshipped her.
A few years later fate stepped in.
We ran into each other at the store.
I still loved her.
I always had.
I always will.
It was too late.
She was taken.
I told her I was gay.
We picked up where we left off.
The best of friends.
But secretly I held my love for her to myself.
We shopped together.
We golfed together.
We met for coffee, drinks, and food.
We saw each other almost everyday.
We talked every day.
She was perfect.
She was kind.
She was patient.
She was humble.
She was meek.
She was generous.
She was creative.
She was flexible.
Fuck if you only knew the things she could do. Fuck!
She was dependable.
She was fun.
She was frisky.
She was a fighter.
She was determined.
She was loyal.
Fuck! She was perfect!
She was short.
She had lost a lot of weight since we had last parted ways.
She was toned.
She was thin.
She had curves that screamed fuck me!!!
Those eyes! Those sad, sad eyes.
I could get lost in them.
Her lips... Oh fuck!
I got a chance to have her wrap them around my cock.
Those lips!
I'm going to spew my cum just thinking about those warm, soft, perfect lips.
Her hair was silky.
Her ass!
Shit! That ass stops traffic!
She doesn't even notice it.
That effect she has on men and women.
It's part of her charm.
Those tits! WOW!
Perfect perky tits I wish I could wear on my lips.
Every moment for the rest of my life.
And that pussy!
Beautiful pussy!
Bare, tight, and it looks so inviting!
I'd give anything to bury my cock in her pussy!
She gets turned on with the slightest things.
And when she cums she cums and cums.
And cums some more!
She's a sex goddess.
She's what wet dreams are made of.
She's perfect!
In every way!
She's amazing!
She cooks like a gourmet chef.
She sings like an angel.
She's that wife every man is jealous of.
That woman other women hate.
She runs like the wind.
She skates like a pro.
She golfs at or under par every time.
She plays hard and works hard.
She goes all in.
With everything.
She doesn't half ass anything.
She plays instruments... Beautifully.
Makes the music speak.
Add to that...
She's a wonderful wife to her lucky husband.
He takes her for granted.
She's a perfect student.
She's a loyal friend.
She's an amazing woman.
She's a wonderful mother.
She is perfect!
Her past is hers to share but I'll say this one thing...
It is the worst case scenario.
I don't know how she made it out.
But she came out on top.
I love her for that too.
I loved her that day long ago.
That day I first laid eyes on her.
I have loved her everyday since.
I love her today.
I'll love her tomorrow.
I'll love her until the day I die.
She is worth fighting for.
I'm going to fight for her.
Because I love her.
I loved her.
I love her.
I'll always love her.

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