She's good to everyone.
What an angel.
Always does what she's told.
Always predictable, does what expected.
Good mom.
Good girl.
Good student.
Works hard.
Has it rough sometimes.
Deals with school,
Not much money.
Gets by ok.
Sacrifices for others.
Takes care of the sick,
The weak, the underdog.
Always there to listen.
Pleasing girl,
Pretty face
Prettiest smile, but not in her eyes.
Sad eyes. Contradicts the smile.
Looks younger, but not those eyes.
Never tears, just full of
Pain, suffering, many more sights than any old man.
They took things from her
She's taking it back
They took her innocence
She's dressing in black.
The ones that loved her
They've gone away
She chooses now
And how hard to play.
At least the bruises and cuts are real.
She needs the pain. She needs to feel.
Things start to fit. They start to rhyme.
There's no more remembering, not during her time.
Things make sense. They fit in place.
Marks on her body. But never her face.
The hurt is her choice. No one takes a thing.
She wants intensity. Not just a fling.
He spanks her hard, so she'll forget.
He sees not scars. He makes her wet.
The pain. The burning. Takes away the pain,
The pain that haunts her, occupying her brain.
She calls him Sir, Daddy, says, "Do it faster!"
She'll say what he wants, but never Master.
She has her pride. She has her life.
She's regaining what she lost when she was a wife.
Bruised and sore, nipples aching.
Stilletto heels, her back should be breaking.
But energetic and healed, her skin, oh so flushed.
They thought it was so cute. When she spoke dirty, she blushed.
She's still wearing the cuffs on her wrists. Feels so hot.
It's a symbol of the dirty secret she's got.
Steel feels so cool, so real and so safe.
She likes the feeling of the collar. It chafes.
She hides the scars from the past, cutting, blood on the floor.
She did it for years, not allowed anymore.
He checks her for cuts. If they're there, she gets none.
The pain is safe, it's real, and it's fun.
He knows what she needs. She deserves all he's got.
She's sweet. She's a child. But a baby she's not.
She takes all his love, red welts show his love.
The man from below, for her, from above.
"Ow! Yes!" She screams with delight.
She never complains. She never fights.
She saves it up. She smiles and takes it.
For the night when she sees him. For once, she doesn't fake it.
The pain brings the heat. The wave of pleasure.
She used to think she was nothing. He makes her think she's a treasure.
So when you see the girl with the pretty, sad smile.
She's getting what she wants, if only for a short while.


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