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Petting zoo


I love being a zoophile.
Playing with the beasts.
Every thing so tactile.
Like being softly kissed.

snuggle red butterfly.
Beating, tiny wings.
Dolphin indulgent sigh.
Vibrating, latex rings.

arched sting of the tail .
a scorpions plastic mould.
Accessories contrived to avail.
Straps on which to hold.

Hybrid rabbits diverse nature.
ears that dance and curl.
Designed to especially cater.
Seek the hidden moist pearl..

A visit to the petting zoo.
With creatures of excitement.
Created in each living hue.
And versatile attachment.

Vibrators, dongs, dildos.
Versions ,red to blue.
Animal names that we know.
Play in the petting zoo.

vote n feed back please . it will only take a second of your time.. thanking you,,

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