tagNon-Erotic Poetrypieces of winter

pieces of winter


Slumbering in the freezing cold
Frozen to the cement
Unchanged by the elements
Unaltered by the angry passerbys
Time slows to a halt
Tears freeze to my face
Eyes that of death
Lost all of it long ago
Glass shattering all around
Falling into the ground
No one to catch me when I fall
Frozen to the cement for all eternity

Locked in the cold chamber of loss
Endless winter has come
Wind blows as frost falls
Can not move can not breathe
Hearts slowing breathing hard
Lossing sight
Lost feeling
Craving warmth
Face covered up by snow
Lost in the world blank by snow

Lost all the ways I could have gone
Lost all hope
Friends have changed
Friends move on
Stll stuck back here
Lost in a sea of agony
No one comes back
No one looks back
The winter months are blowing in
The frozen window
Snow twirling around and around
Everybody losing there way threw the snowblind

Pieces of summer
Blossoming in the warmth
Friends surround me
Blinding of the rays
Cant open my eyes
Rest on a most given day has finally come at last
Warmth surrounds me and feeds threw me
Then I open our eyes

Pieces of winter
Shattering on the cemented ground
The winter spins threw my room
Everything becomes blanketed
Falling towards the ground looking at the pieces
Pieces of glass, visions of the past
Friends, family, lovers, pieces of summer
Visions disappearing
Nothing but pieces of winter float with me
Then there is nothing but the cold piecering me
Pieces of glass shatter on the ground
Remembering all of when everyone moved on
Remembering there harsh words
Remembering not being able to let go
Remembering when I was abandon in my room in winter
All alone the winter hits my heart
Everybody abandons going on to brighter futures
Friends abandon me in the cold
There moving on
How can I move on
How can I hold on to air
Then remembering the pieces of winter

Hitting the ground on shattered dreams
Pieces of winter still shattering above me
Frozen to the ground like the pieces of summer
Turned to winter
Lost all of the ones who ment soooo much
Lost the ones that were there for me
Lost the one I wanted the most
Still lost in the snowblind

People pass me by
Still frozen to the cement
Shattered dreams frozen to my skin
Remembering the loveable pieces of winter

Roses are red
Blood is to

Blood pools from the shattered memories
Staining the cement seeping into the cracks
Pooling beneath me
Seeping into the dirt
Filling all of the vacancies

My eyes playing the pieces of winter over in my head
Remembering everything that used to be
Then pale is the snowblind I am covered
Never to be found again

Summers come and go nobody remembers the boy
The boy who took his life
The window still shattered where he jumped
The cement of where he feel is washed clean
No one remembers who he was
Or why he did it

The winters come and the snowblinds come back
The snow blankets the ground
But the cement where he fell
Theres a flower growing from it
People walk past it say it’s the most beautiful thing
Tourists know nothing of the flower that grows
But everybody who lived there and who knew the boy
Have come to know it as the blood orchid
Blood created it and the boys blood lives on in it
And his dreams will never die
The pieces of winter
Are deep inside its roots

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