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Piercing Poem


I'm pierced below. It's so exciting,
but to some, it's just not inviting..
To others it's sexy, but I'm insane,
thinking I simply enjoyed the pain..
But they don't realize or understand
why I'm pierced in my penile gland..

It all started when my good friend,
dropped by with some time to spend..
My wife proclaimed he was very cute,
and wanted a 3some with him to boot..
So we all went back, jumped into bed,
not long after, her legs were spread..

My buddy showed her his pierced tool,
then she exclaimed "God, that's cool"..
But when he entered her with his rod,
she really screamed the name of GOD!
She shouted out, thrashed and bucked,
I had never seen her so well fucked..

By the time her orgasms had subsided,
I knew my own fate had been decided..
I'd need to have my cock pierced too,
though the very thought was so taboo..
But two weeks later, I did the deed.
You ask if it hurt? Oh yes, indeed!

Screamed for a sec or two or three,
but I'd do it again, I guarantee..
The pleasure it gives unto my wife
and to other ladies within my life..
It makes it worth any pain or price,
I'm always told how it feels so nice..

Two years have passed since that day
and I wouldn't have it another way..
I hear the screams of God proclaimed,
but I don't deserve to be so named..
I'm only a poet with a pierced prick..
On my Lit profile, you'll find a pic..

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