tagErotic PoetryPleasing Herself

Pleasing Herself


Her fingers traced a path
Down from her neck to her breast,
Lightly across her burning flesh
To her nipples which she now caressed.

She kneaded them softly
Until they were swollen so large,
For now a lustful desire
Within her had taken charge.

She wet her trembling lips
As her passion started to grow,
Bringing on the warm comfort
Of her wetness below.

Her breathing began to hasten
With every sensuous touch,
Knowing it was leading her
To the satisfaction she needed so much.

Her fingers penetrated
Her most treasured spot,
Revealing her sweetness
Now so wet and hot.

Her desires now turned
Into a desperate need,
Panicked reactions
To her sexual greed.

The whole world
Seeming not to exist,
Only the need to be satisfied
Her body now did insist.

Her fingers rubbing her clit
Her pleasure building inside,
She no longer could hold back
Even though she tried.

Her wetness exploded
So sweet and hot,
She was reaching the point
Her lustful desire had sought.

Her body shook
From the ultimate thrill,
And then she collapsed content
Breathlessly and so very still.

Only her breasts
Now rose and fell,
The only hint of her pleasure
Was her wetness she could smell.

She slipped her hand
Out from her wet inner thigh,
Causing her to softly release
One more satisfied sigh.

She lie the pondering
The pleasure that had just taken place,
Then drifted off to sleep
With a satisfied smile on her face…

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